Certified in sustainability

As a new hotel and a new company, we carry a big responsability to take care of the ressources of our planet. Vi just received a certificat of sustainability from Danske Konferencecentre, which we are very proud of. But sustainability is becoming a word with a lot of meanings – so here you can read a little about how we try to embrace them all in the best way possible, so you can keep on hosting meetings and conferences with a clear conscience.

Health, well-being and social sustainability

One of the most important factors for running a sustainable company, is to make sure that the employees thrive. At Hotel GUESTapart we are very concerned about the staff, their everyday mood, well-being and growth. We make sure to nurish the physical as well as the mental health. Every day the kitchen makes healthy and varied food, and we have a 600 sqm. fitness that the staff can use for free.

We make sure to see and hear each other though meetings and conversations, where discuss challenges, disagreements, fails, successes and everything in between. We offer courses for our employees within their specific areas, to ensure development professionally as well as personally. We take in trainees for contributing to our common social responsabilities, and to explore future talented staff.

Furthermore we have a party commite, that arranges social gatherings outside of work, to make sure that we all get to know each other on a deeper level. Here we are not just co-workers, we are one big GUESTapart-family.

Concrete measures

Besides happy employees, we also made som more concrete initiatives to save some ressources. We never serve water in a bottle, but use cleansed tap water. All the water we use are actually cleansed for lime, so our machines and and cutlery will have many years to live. Our zinks in the common bathrooms all have sensors and our toilets have double-flush.

The building is Energy-certified with an A and we have our own photovoltaic system that generates the main part of the energy we discharges. We have installed light sensors in the rooms that are rarely used, and turn of all electronics every night. Besides that we have four charging stations for electric cars.

The a la carte restaurant of the house – Restaurant APART also contributes to a sustainable operation. We’ve just received a silver certificat of ecology which means that 60-90% of everything we buy is organic. When we purchase our produce we make sure not to buy to much, to avoid food waste. We always use local suppliers to minimize transportation. When the kitchen makes take away, it is always served in 100% reused packaging.

The hotel is cleaned exclusively in ecolabeled products. Our washing powder and all our bathroom articles are free from unnecessary chemicals. Furthermore are we garbage sorting and our guests are asked to do the same with clear instructions how to.

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